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It all really comes back to boats, my favorite things to design and build.   I built my first boat with my dad when I was 15.  Named PANDION, she’s a 15-foot stitch-and-glue rowboat/sailboat designed by Phil Bolger… cost about $500 to build it and I’ve still got her.  Since then, I’ve been very lucky to have worked with and learned from some of the best in the world; I’m batting 1000 when it comes to bosses & mentors that have shaped my marine design and construction education.  While I was in college, I worked as often as I could for a brilliant designer/builder name Ed Cutts on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.   After I graduated from college, I worked for about 12 years for the world-renowned naval architect, Donald Blount.  Now I work for John Bayliss, one of the most accomplished sportfishing captains and builders in the world.  All great guys to work for, learn from, and be friends with.

I try to have at least one boat project going on outside of work; if I don’t, something’s wrong. Here are some miscellaneous photos of several projects dating back to highschool.